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  • A Good Life / Subsistence

    A Good Life / Subsistence

    Two poems with accompanying artwork by Linnea Ryshke, extracts from Kindling (Lantern Publishing and Media, September 2021).

  • I Recall Recalling Straw

    I Recall Recalling Straw

    New poetry from the fields by Mark Goodwin, with accompanying artwork by Dominique Cameron.

  • Digging in this Dirt

    Digging in this Dirt

    With his wife Kerstin, Josh Mabie co-owns Pied Beauty Farm, a no-spray orchard, flower farm, and apiary just outside of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

  • Beans


    A new personal essay by gardener-writer Mandy Goddard, making connections between farming, protest, and the beautiful ‘yin yang’ bean.

  • Residency Reflections

    Residency Reflections

    Artist Rosa Farber, who currently lives and works at Laines Organic Farm, looks back at her online residency with The Learned Pig.

  • Lessons from Seed

    Lessons from Seed

    A personal essay by seed researcher and baker Col Gordon on the complex relationships between plants, people and place.

  • Resistance Baking

    Resistance Baking

    “Bread-making as a form of activism” – a wide-ranging interview with Marisol Malatesta, baker, artist and teacher.

  • Seeds


    A Q&A with No Stone Theatre Director Nicolas Pitt about his production Seeds, following the story of Nikolai Vavilov.

  • re:rural


    Anna Souter visist Haarlem Artspace to review re:rural, a project taking place both digitally and at the organisation’s home in the Derbyshire Dales.

  • Apple Path

    Apple Path

    Apples, animals, and old farm folklore: documentation from a decomposing land art intervention by artist Juliet Duckworth.

  • Artist-in-Residence: Rosa Farber

    Artist-in-Residence: Rosa Farber

    Welcome to The Learned Pig’s inaugural artist residency! This residency is in part the result of ongoing discussions among our editorial team. We’ve been trying to think through ways to develop more closely collaborative relationships with contributors that involve open-ended discussions over time. We’ve also been thinking about ways to present works in progress. Mostly,…