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Category: Rhythm

  • The Four Seasons

    The Four Seasons

    A collaborative essay and acoustic piece by Chris Turnbull and Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim. The project documents an abandoned black walnut grove in Kemptville, Ontario, through acoustic recordings and observation.

  • Eternal Forest

    Eternal Forest

    Extracts from Eternal Forest, an art project by Evgenia Emets which transforms human relationships with biodiversity, time and the sacred.

  • Toast to the Spring / waveformed

    Toast to the Spring / waveformed

      Toast to the Spring   Black fangs to the east, badlands to the west, the world beyond — glaciers, jungles, dunes and meadows — and home, the garden and the spinney. Lemon seed, a splash of you. A toast. A thousand years in limestone prison. A minute in the sunshine, drowned in the ocean….

  • Mirror Mirror

    Mirror Mirror

    Tom Lovelace introduces Mirror Mirror, a remote collaborative project involving live performance, photography and digital technologies.

  • A Receptive Walk

    A Receptive Walk

    Audio, photography and text by artist Jessica Emsley from A Receptive Walk, an artistic exercise to disrupt the usual rhythms of more-than-human communication.

  • Surge


    How to live when your own emotional responses remain a mystery? New writing on family and grief by Catharine Murray.

  • the scars of interpretation

    the scars of interpretation

    A trio of asemic poems by Vilde Valerie Bjerke Torset.

  • Time Go Slow / The Violence Raga

    Time Go Slow / The Violence Raga

    Two new poems by Jonaki Ray exploring gender, marriage, migration, music, violence and the possibility of justice.

  • Marching Orders

    Marching Orders

      The drums began to crescendo, War horses and infantry prepare; A performance all to common in history. Footsteps echo through corridors, Marching to the drumbeat’s cacophony. Left, left, left-right-left The energy becomes a symphony! Left, right, left Orders obscured by the drums Unclear, of who may be the enemy. In the distance, perceived dissension;…

  • Way-Hame Poems

    Way-Hame Poems

    “For a time, I used to get the train from Dunbar to Edinburgh and back again at least twice a week.” Poetry from a rhythmic commute – by Hannah Lavery.

  • Songs We Learn from Trees

    Songs We Learn from Trees

    Chris Beckett and Alemu Tebeje give the lowdown on the Amharic poetry of Ethiopia. Then poetry by Solomon Deressa, Gebre Kristos Desta and Liyou Libsekal.