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  • Echtrai


    An interview with Baz Nichols, editor of Echtrai, a new art and literary journal exploring landscapes lost, abandoned, forgotten, mythic.

  • Turning Tables

    Turning Tables

    An in-depth essay on the work of artist-activist Kathryn Eddy, from Mandy-Suzanne Wong’s new book, Listen, we all bleed, published by New Rivers Press, November 2021.

  • Lille Gris

    Lille Gris

    Lille Gris was dreamt up before Brexit and Covid-19 changed everything. In December 2017 an invitation arrived to participate in an exhibition programme at the North Atlantic Lighthouse in Hanstholm, Denmark. This presented an ideal opportunity to open new dialogues on the welfare and intelligence of farmed pigs. In our previous work, CARNEVALE, Cath Keay…

  • 4004


    Artist Joana Moll introduces 4004, a new project that explores the devastating impact of technology on climate change and biodiversity.

  • Compost: Turning the Heap

    Taking time to reflect: artist Kathrin Böhm on sustaining an art practice while resisting the pressure of endlessly producing more projects.

  • Behind the Orange Curtain

    Behind the Orange Curtain

    Besides getting the usual “Go West, Young Man”-type pandering that we all seem to get from American propaganda, a couple things I came across as a Midwest wanderlust adolescent that really resonated with me on multiple levels were teeny-bopper shows like Fox’s The O.C., and MTV’s Laguna Beach, which ultimately planted a Manifest Destiny spiritual…

  • Le Président / The Crocodile Feeder

    Le Président / The Crocodile Feeder

      Le Président: Seven Days In the beginning, Le President, flattened his ancestral villagei, to create his idea of heaven. “Let there be no jungle”; & there was no jungle. He razed the earth with excavators to make space for his creations. & He made the low-lying metal sheds & maquis disappear. & He cloaked…

  • Macroalgae Matters

    Macroalgae Matters

    Seaweed in a time of climate crisis: an encounter with a rotten seashore funk prompts writer Andrew Furman to discover more about sargassum.

  • Bees, Art and Biodiversity

    Bees, Art and Biodiversity

    How can artists improve biodiversity? Philosopher, author and curator Sue Spaid’s 2020 lecture explains (includes video + edited transcript).

  • …como na morte crescem as heras…

    …como na morte crescem as heras…

    ‘to fall like a wounded animal into a place that was meant for revelations’ – a new series of photographs by Brazil-based artist Alix Breda.

  • An Oral History of the Whitechapel Monster

    An Oral History of the Whitechapel Monster

    A digital found text poem by Sam Fulton, charting the trajectory of the Whitechapel Fatberg, an enormous mass of congealed fat in the sewers beneath London.