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I Recall Recalling Straw


burning & wildoat-picking when
I was a teenager:

After … wading amongst rods of wheat-heads
or fine barbed fibres of barley awns, crouching
to an horizon of swaying corn to spot
the taller intruders of wildoat heads – thrust
above like green pylons, the spear tear-drops
of their husks & awns spreading threatening

chandeliers of weed …

After … gripping the fine-ribbed, juice-filled
stems close to the ground to tug
dark-clad roots free,
shaking soil away, folding thick stems, compressing
slaughtered wildoats into blue
sweaty-sock-stinking fertiliser bags …

After … hauling blue plastic bags of jabbing
stalks, slung on sunned shoulders,
to the ditch-side dump, the plastic smoothly burning

clenched knuckles. After …

days of this – falling asleep –
perhaps the sixth night, wildoats would dance
in front of my open eyes, my bedroom walls corn
swaying – waiting …

to be picked clean.

And after … pitch-forking meteors of burning straw, sprinkling sparks onto tinder-dry windrows, igniting
the combine’s un-baled stripes – fuses
crackling into a field inferno; feeling
arm-hairs curl and flame-filled air slice
smoke-tongues through my eyes …

After … only a mere day of this – falling asleep –
my bedroom wallpaper would burn, flames
shot from parts of its pattern, smoke
slipping in front of my just
open eyes. As if a glass

with projected images had slid
across my vision. My mind

impregnated and replaying. Not
letting go. Recalling

– this recalling – I see how easily
constant intense experiences sculpt

the field

of a mind’s
axons; set a soul’s design;


dreams; lull a
person to

sleep …


Cover image: Dominique Cameron, Tractor trailer, charcoal on paper, 33x25cm, 2019

This is part of FIELDS, a section of The Learned Pig devoted to exploring fields as natural and (agri)cultural, invisible and visible, poor and productive, created and creators. FIELDS is conceived and edited by Marloe Mens.


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