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  • The Four Seasons

    The Four Seasons

    A collaborative essay and acoustic piece by Chris Turnbull and Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim. The project documents an abandoned black walnut grove in Kemptville, Ontario, through acoustic recordings and observation.

  • Essays on Dog Walking, I & II

    Essays on Dog Walking, I & II

    Two poems from Thinking with Trees, the brilliant debut collection from Jason Allen-Paisant – published by Carcanet.

  • Fields of View

    Fields of View

    Chicago-based naturalist and botanist Andrew Hipp on the connecting threads between science, natural history and writing.

  • Behind the Orange Curtain

    Behind the Orange Curtain

    Besides getting the usual “Go West, Young Man”-type pandering that we all seem to get from American propaganda, a couple things I came across as a Midwest wanderlust adolescent that really resonated with me on multiple levels were teeny-bopper shows like Fox’s The O.C., and MTV’s Laguna Beach, which ultimately planted a Manifest Destiny spiritual…

  • Making maps in the backwoods

    Making maps in the backwoods

    Melanie Viets speaks to influential artist Jussi Kivi about mapping hidden histories in the landscapes around (and under) Helsinki and beyond.

  • A Receptive Walk

    A Receptive Walk

    Audio, photography and text by artist Jessica Emsley from A Receptive Walk, an artistic exercise to disrupt the usual rhythms of more-than-human communication.

  • Between Two Memories

    Between Two Memories

    Artist Ian Giles uncovers hidden queer histories as part of New Geographies, a three-year project to create a new map of the East of England.

  • Field notes from a place that does not remember

    Field notes from a place that does not remember

    New writing on landscape and memory by Dave Borthwick, a self-described ‘tramper of fields and stander in the rain’ who lives in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

  • Undertow


    Walking the Edge A trusted mentor once told me, having read my work, “You often write about the meeting places of land and water.” She was right, though I’d never thought about the habit before; my tendency to do so was neither intentional nor premeditated. “There are few things more ancient than humans walking to…

  • A Weekend on Mars

    A Weekend on Mars

        This Moment In Time Just when the crescent moon appeared. When the ailanthus shivered. When a heron shook its feathery crown and the little wheel turned inside the big wheel. While the palmist sighed, old and alone. At this juncture. At this moment in time, Winter putting on its walking boots, Autumn reflecting…

  • Living Symphonies

    Living Symphonies

    Between Liverpool Street and Chingford, the heatwave had cooked the train carriage and all who rode in her to fetid ripeness. On the other side of the parting doors, the air thickened with an elegant stink. Gutsy lilies dressed in flouncy ribbon-tied bouquets languished in buckets of water just beyond the ticket barriers, insistent that…