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  • Mirror Mirror

    Mirror Mirror

    Tom Lovelace introduces Mirror Mirror, a remote collaborative project involving live performance, photography and digital technologies.

  • Dead Owls and Blue Bottle Flies

    Dead Owls and Blue Bottle Flies

    Heather Swan, author of Where Honeybees Thrive, explores the taxidermy art of Claire Morgan alongside her own encounters with owls and death.

  • Spoiled Waters Spilled

    Spoiled Waters Spilled

    Previewing an exhibition exploring rivers, contamination and cross-border circulation. Part of Manifesta 13 Les Parallèles du Sud.

  • …Remains


    Artist Gillian Genser describes how making art caused irreparable damage to her own body due to the toxic residues of human progress.

  • Growing SCOBY in Inappropriate Contexts

    Growing SCOBY in Inappropriate Contexts

    Artist Bianca Hlywa delves into the process of making collaborative installations using SCOBY – symbiotic cultures of bacteria and yeast.

  • A space, an ambiance, a home

    A space, an ambiance, a home

    A modest row of cottages is set apart from Cambridge’s Castle Street by a small green on one side and St Peter’s Church on the other, right next to Cambridge University’s ancient Magdalene College and the backs of St John’s. You’d be forgiven for barely noticing the terrace that makes up Kettle’s Yard. Entering the…

  • Art in a deteriorating world

    Art in a deteriorating world

    An epistolary exploration of art’s moral responsibilities   “In the era of not yet, barely daring to guess of how soon,” wrote Welsh-British writer Horatio Clare about the melting sea ice, the planet’s air conditioner, in his book Icebreaker, published less then two years ago. Now the scientists dare to guess, and red lights on…

  • Foregathered wi’ the beast

    Foregathered wi’ the beast

    I am standing in a lay-by of the A9, 2 miles north of Brora. I am face to face, for the first time, with a stone that I encountered a photograph of a year earlier, in a book about the wondrous wildlife of Scotland. Paving slabs ascend the bank to a hefty lump of granite…

  • Space Shifters

    Space Shifters

    The smell of engine oil lingers sharply in my nostrils, hours after I have left the vertiginous room of Richard Wilson’s 20:50, the final coup de théâtre in the Hayward Gallery’s Space Shifters exhibition. My mind keeps returning to the glassy, treacherous surface of the oil, which fills the room to half-way up the wall…

  • Unsent Letter to an Old Art Teacher

    Unsent Letter to an Old Art Teacher

    Dear Adrian, I’m not drawing anymore. There, I’ve said it. I didn’t become an artist like you always said I could. I write stories now instead. I have always wanted to write a story for you in fact, but no matter how many times I try, or think of trying, I never seem to strike…

  • Natural Selection

    Natural Selection

    Freud would have loved this exhibition. Ostensibly Natural Selection – a collaboration between artist Andy Holden and his father, ornithologist Peter Holden – is about birds, nests and eggs. It’s actually about art, sex and death. As a philosophy undergraduate I was lucky enough be taught by the phenomenologist Dermot Moran. Phenomenology, he explained in…