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  • 4004


    Artist Joana Moll introduces 4004, a new project that explores the devastating impact of technology on climate change and biodiversity.

  • An Oral History of the Whitechapel Monster

    An Oral History of the Whitechapel Monster

    A digital found text poem by Sam Fulton, charting the trajectory of the Whitechapel Fatberg, an enormous mass of congealed fat in the sewers beneath London.

  • Finley Styles

    Finley Styles

    Conceptual artist, painter and writer, Finley Styles, was born in Gosport, Hampshire, England on August 15, 1972. The son of market-trader parents, Styles proved academically gifted despite a shoddy school attendance record. From the age of twelve, he would regularly skip high school and, later, 6th form college to look after his parents’ market stall,…

  • The New Concrete

    The New Concrete

    The history of concrete poetry charts a path from utopia to dystopia. You could say that there’s a secret history of the second half of the twentieth century embedded in this little movement, one that parallels larger changes across cultural output. By the late 1970s, when concrete poetry collapses into a smouldering heap, few could…

  • The Learned Pig presents…

    The Learned Pig presents…

    As a pig-themed entity, we generally prefer to shun anything relating to human kitchens. You never know when you might end up inside a sandwich. But, having made an exception last year for the inaugural Literary Kitchen Festival, we thought we’d do so again for its second instalment – taking place this October down in…

  • All Tomorrow’s Publishers

    All Tomorrow’s Publishers

    Saturday-Sunday 17th & 18th October 2015, Noon – 5pm The Peckham Pelican FREE! This October, The Learned Pig is delighted to be co-curating All Tomorrow’s Publishers, a weekend fair for independent publishers, as part of the week-long Literary Kitchen Festival. Taking place at the Peckham Pelican in south London, the fair features a host of…

  • Scenes from an Execution Variations

    Scenes from an Execution Variations

    Few things are as messy as war. Cause and effect, right and wrong: our foundational truths unravel in the face of violence and bloodshed. This has not always been the case when it comes to the art of war. Classical depictions of war were grand, complex compositions, often mythological or generalised. In medieval times, the…

  • Beauty and Revolution / A Token of Concrete Affection

    Beauty and Revolution / A Token of Concrete Affection

    Now is the time to visit Cambridge if you’re a fan of concrete poetry. At Kettle’s Yard is Beauty and Revolution, an exhibition of work by Ian Hamilton Finlay, while the Centre of Latin American Studies plays host to a group exhibition entitled A Token of Concrete Affection. Both are furnished from the private collection…

  • Dead Bears and Pylons

    Dead Bears and Pylons

    “What the hell is that?” The man was at the bottom of Millfields Park in Hackney, can of lager in hand. He frowned across the Lea River at a cormorant bobbing in the water. “I dunno,” said his girlfriend as I passed by. “A black swan?” When many Londoners come to the eastern edge of…