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  • Turning Tables

    Turning Tables

    An in-depth essay on the work of artist-activist Kathryn Eddy, from Mandy-Suzanne Wong’s new book, Listen, we all bleed, published by New Rivers Press, November 2021.

  • Lille Gris

    Lille Gris

    Lille Gris was dreamt up before Brexit and Covid-19 changed everything. In December 2017 an invitation arrived to participate in an exhibition programme at the North Atlantic Lighthouse in Hanstholm, Denmark. This presented an ideal opportunity to open new dialogues on the welfare and intelligence of farmed pigs. In our previous work, CARNEVALE, Cath Keay…

  • Sing the Gloaming

    Sing the Gloaming

    An interview with Professor Simon Kirby and artist/ musicians Tommy Perman and Rob St. John discussing their ongoing collaborative project, Sing the Gloaming.

  • Dead Owls and Blue Bottle Flies

    Dead Owls and Blue Bottle Flies

    Heather Swan, author of Where Honeybees Thrive, explores the taxidermy art of Claire Morgan alongside her own encounters with owls and death.

  • Spoiled Waters Spilled

    Spoiled Waters Spilled

    Previewing an exhibition exploring rivers, contamination and cross-border circulation. Part of Manifesta 13 Les Parallèles du Sud.

  • Pulse Project

    Pulse Project

    Artist and acupuncturist Michelle Lewis-King draws upon Chinese medical practices to translate bodily rythms into collaborative performances.

  • To Dig a Hole (You Create a Heap)

    To Dig a Hole (You Create a Heap)

      Here’s a joke… Question: Who made money during the Gold Rush? Answer: The ones who sold the shovels.     “You were asked to dig a hole? Do you understand how that sounds very strange?” When I told this to a friend, they seemed perplexed. And while I was initially confused by their response,…

  • Living Symphonies

    Living Symphonies

    Between Liverpool Street and Chingford, the heatwave had cooked the train carriage and all who rode in her to fetid ripeness. On the other side of the parting doors, the air thickened with an elegant stink. Gutsy lilies dressed in flouncy ribbon-tied bouquets languished in buckets of water just beyond the ticket barriers, insistent that…

  • The Wandering Walk

    The Wandering Walk

    The Wandering Walk is a site-specific installation located on the South Fyn Danish Island of Ærø. It engages with the familiar practice of walking as a mode of perception to explore and enrich the complex and shifting relationships between humans and nature. The installation is focused around the celebrated northern region of Vitsø. Frequently walked…

  • Endlings: Drawing Extinction

    Endlings: Drawing Extinction

    There are many different approaches to drawing animals. In particular there was a shift in the 19th century away from French idealism towards an approach, led by British artists such as Edward Lear, that prioritised drawing direct from nature. The work of Amy Dover, a fine artist and illustrator based in Newcastle, England, draws upon…

  • Art in a deteriorating world

    Art in a deteriorating world

    An epistolary exploration of art’s moral responsibilities   “In the era of not yet, barely daring to guess of how soon,” wrote Welsh-British writer Horatio Clare about the melting sea ice, the planet’s air conditioner, in his book Icebreaker, published less then two years ago. Now the scientists dare to guess, and red lights on…