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  • Crosscutting / Night Strands / Homesteads

    Crosscutting / Night Strands / Homesteads

    Three new poems from the farmlands of Idaho by Samuel Strathman.

  • re:rural


    Anna Souter visist Haarlem Artspace to review re:rural, a project taking place both digitally and at the organisation’s home in the Derbyshire Dales.

  • Apple Path

    Apple Path

    Apples, animals, and old farm folklore: documentation from a decomposing land art intervention by artist Juliet Duckworth.

  • Artist-in-Residence: Rosa Farber

    Artist-in-Residence: Rosa Farber

    Welcome to The Learned Pig’s inaugural artist residency! This residency is in part the result of ongoing discussions among our editorial team. We’ve been trying to think through ways to develop more closely collaborative relationships with contributors that involve open-ended discussions over time. We’ve also been thinking about ways to present works in progress. Mostly,…

  • Epiphaneia


    Rituals; Too Full of Vermouth and Cigarette Smoke: two poems from Epiphaneia, the 2019 collection from OCM Bocas Prize-winner Richard Georges.

  • Field notes from a place that does not remember

    Field notes from a place that does not remember

    New writing on landscape and memory by Dave Borthwick, a self-described ‘tramper of fields and stander in the rain’ who lives in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

  • (on)zichtbaar


    “If we open our eyes and look further, we realize a mistake has been made, and the wrong story has been told.” Words: Marloe Mens. Photography: Kiki Muyres.

  • Observation Journal

    Observation Journal

    In WWII, Nazis and Soviets fought for control over a seed collection. Now, artist Sergey Kishchenko plants fields to reconstruct these forgotten histories.

  • August & Grain

    August & Grain

      The fields were sudden bare – John Clare       Across the field, a half-mile or more away – across a dry liquid rustle of oats – a combine moves … slow as a clock. Its smoke-& -dust plume flags its position as it cuts the first swath close to the headland’s hedge…

  • Farming Awareness

    Farming Awareness

    Visionary Farms In 1969, House & Garden magazine commissioned Patricia Johanson (b. 1940) to design estate gardens. In the letter inviting her to design gardens, landscape architect James Fanning clearly anticipated her using gravel, water, concrete blocks, wood or metal, rather than the natural materials her gardens deploy. When one examines the nearly 150 drawings…

  • Recollecting Landscapes

    Recollecting Landscapes

    Rephotography, Memory and Transformation 1904-1980-2004-2014 Recollecting Landscapes documents over a century of landscape transformation in Flanders. The first step of the project dates from the early twentieth century, when Jean Massart (1865-1925), a professor of botany at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Free University of Brussels), initiated the photographic documentation of the Belgian landscape through…