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  • Essays on Dog Walking, I & II

    Essays on Dog Walking, I & II

    Two poems from Thinking with Trees, the brilliant debut collection from Jason Allen-Paisant – published by Carcanet.

  • Behind the Orange Curtain

    Behind the Orange Curtain

    Besides getting the usual “Go West, Young Man”-type pandering that we all seem to get from American propaganda, a couple things I came across as a Midwest wanderlust adolescent that really resonated with me on multiple levels were teeny-bopper shows like Fox’s The O.C., and MTV’s Laguna Beach, which ultimately planted a Manifest Destiny spiritual…

  • Shadow Sisters

    Shadow Sisters

    A pack of dogs, a suggestion of a transformation, a woman in a wild place. A wolf. In the analogue photography of Joanna Pallaris, the time, as Hamlet had it, is out of joint. Double exposures make visible the formation of a rock face through the head of a dog. A woman’s face – the…

  • Phenomenology of the Feral

    Phenomenology of the Feral

      After the Meat Tree   I Man’s best friend, woman’s best friend are has a jay, and mere has an add. I flower mere and he follows me that was made of wood and flowers and see, it is pronounced mer as the french for sea not mere lie down you are drunk. Remember…

  • The Dogs of El Chalten

    The Dogs of El Chalten

    The village of El Chalten is a service settlement. Located in the Parque Nacional los Glaciares in Patagonia, southern Argentina, the village is a four-hour walk to a network of ancient blue-white glaciers and the sharp, serrated peaks of Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre and Cerro Chalten. Thousands of tourists come to El Chalten each year,…