The Learned Pig

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Seasons Past

Radical Landscapes, 2019

Guest editor: Camilla Nelson
An exploration of the various ways we signify with and through landscape – as line writers and mark makers – probing what these various practices reveal about the relationship between landscape and language. Who authors what and how?


Tuin Stemmen (Garden Voices), 2018

Guest editor: Marloe Mens
The question “what is a garden” need not be heard as a request for a definition; it could be asked about how people experience and relate to gardens. The significance of a garden is then not singular, but rather plural and mutable. Who is gardening? Is it only a human activity? Or a collaboration between the human and the non-human?


Carnevale, 2018

Guest editors: Andrea Roe and Cath Keay
A collaborative art-science project based in Easter Howgate Farm just outside Edinburgh, Scotland, exploring animal welfare questions and the enthusiasm of pigs for investigative play.


Wolf Crossing, 2016-17

Editor: Tom Jeffreys
In Finland there is a line around the city: susiraja, the wolf border. Within is law and order: shopping malls and social security. Beyond the susiraja lie the wilds and the wolves – just 200 at the last count. Who will howl in the forests when the last wolf departs?


Clean Unclean, 2015

Editor: Tom Jeffreys
Cleanliness, they say, is close to godliness. And the pig has long resided in the realm of the unclean. Even today: “It’s like a pigsty in here!” – as if the pig has much choice in how he lives…


The Learned Pig