Wolf Crossing

Wolf Crossing. Three months of editorial exploring landscape and language, nationalism and identity, travel and translation, gender, bodies, myth and more.

Over the next few months, we will be publishing a packed programme of editorial across The Learned Pig: essays and art, photography and poetry, fiction, non-fiction, music, interviews and illustrations. There are crossings from Britain to Spain, and from Spain to America. Questions of quotation, translation, or immigration are never far away. The paintings of Phill Hopkins engage directly with the economics and politics of crossings. So does the travel writing of Ellie Broughton, penned in the aftermath of Brexit. But the politics of most contributions are for the most part indirect or unspoken. Perhaps the wording of the open call suggested other, more fertile directions; perhaps it reflects the fact that, while much contemporary nature writing concerns itself with the entanglement between the natural and the human, for many, nature still remains a place to escape to.



All aboard, climb inside! Back of the van! Get back, Loretta! Only 1500 miles to the promised land! Farm jobs, construction, cleaning, meatpacking, don’t…