Clean Unclean

Peppered Moth

Our Wings


Fair is fair, and clear is clean. Clean air is clear, clear air is clean, though I fathom the factories fair fouled it up….

Lead drainpipe



  With drains for legs the rain runs off you And though it’s always cold, (with lead for legs) it’s not wet. Black roots…

Vilhelm Hammershøi, Interior - Strandgade 30



  Covered in filth, a disastrous clumsy brain excavates deep to identify causality.   Distrusting and perilous, Broken mirror images echo an unsung nursery…

Simon Ryder, Forgetful Worlds

Forgetful Worlds


Milking parlours are the place of an everyday cleanliness that is found nowhere else. It is difficult type of cleanliness to describe: not tidy…

Dirty Dozen


Dirty Dozen is a series of photographs with all the dirt, dust, specs and scratches left on the negatives to be visible after scanning….