The Learned Pig

Art – Thinking – Nature – Writing

Author: SJ Fowler

  • The Poetry of Rearguard Consciousness

    The Poetry of Rearguard Consciousness

    Exploring the neurological primacy of the scribble or scrawl – a series of recent drawings and/as poetry by artist and poet SJ Fowler.

  • On Time and Mess

    On Time and Mess

      Once we understand excess, then we can get really simple. – Robert Rauschenberg     Exploring poetry’s absent indispensable character Because poetry is not a thing that lives, to put it mildly, upon the regulation and control of grammar and correct spelling, in the final preparations for the publication of my book, ‘I fear…

  • Who’ll Guard the Horse?

    Who’ll Guard the Horse?

      for Tim Cope, and his horseback journey from Mongolia to Hungary.     Sheered pig fat for the dog, and in his eating, a spirit passing continental drift toward another day revolving. The dog that is protection, the dog that is the anti-crisis. The dog descendent from what is firecracking in temporary fear from…