The Learned Pig

Art – Thinking – Nature – Writing

Author: Julia Rose Lewis

  • Phenomenology of the Feral

    Phenomenology of the Feral

      After the Meat Tree   I Man’s best friend, woman’s best friend are has a jay, and mere has an add. I flower mere and he follows me that was made of wood and flowers and see, it is pronounced mer as the french for sea not mere lie down you are drunk. Remember…

  • The Rottweiler’s Guide to the Dog Owner

    The Rottweiler’s Guide to the Dog Owner

      – adapted from SJ Fowler If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be? Black banana, fruit flies, les ananas ne parlent pas, (a little song of two children learning french on Canadian TV). In middle school, the chair in the crypt. The stack of cryptic poems high enough to use as a…

  • Gilfaethwy


      The pirate is part magician and part thief. With all the gauze and white tape, I know the left side of his face better than the right side. Pirates, like werewolves, live tied to the moon. The dark break in the white plaster is the negative of the full moon rising. here Gilfaethwy gills…

  • What is listing?

    What is listing?

        What is lost when words are wasted? Tomatoes. What is trust when tomatoes are wasted? What is truth? Men, words, hours, waist? When wait women. What is lost when haste is made? That is tossed, is left us that linger, aside. What is lust? What is frost, but sitting on the wooden cutting…

  • CO2 Cherries

    CO2 Cherries

        I Rust thing against rot Thing against resting skin red Cheery parallel Lines the blinds of grey once gold Then wood between me and sand.   II I spit into lines Those cherries sum the blossoms I would and they wood Now grow pink and red and brown Above, aground, and around.  …