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Author: Crystal Bennes

  • Sunspots, a conversation via email

    Sunspots, a conversation via email

    Sunspots is the latest poetry collection from Simon Barraclough, Poet in Residence at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory. Below Barraclough discusses the collection’s origins and ideas, and plenty more besides, over the course of a series of emails with our poetry editor, Crystal Bennes.     —–Original Message—– From: crystal bennes < > To: SimonBarraclough…

  • Multiverses 263-396: Another Worlds iz Possible

    Multiverses 263-396: Another Worlds iz Possible

    After John Bell, Momus, Heisenberg, Jonathan Swift, I Ching, Calvino, and Shrodinger   Multiverse 263 The Multiverse in which multiplication is always exponential across galaxies. For every status update posted on Facebook, another two are posted in alternative Multiverses.   Multiverse 264 The Multiverse in which falsifiability has been banished. All knowledge in Multiverse 264…

  • Why You Shouldn’t Follow Poets on Twitter

    Why You Shouldn’t Follow Poets on Twitter

    Reading collaborations Between poet and poet I think           how does this work What do they do          how do they Talk to each other without Getting confused One of the poets is someone I’ve never heard of before I like his poem            it’s about England and America and Yard sales and tat And memories Containing culture…

  • Trevor Kiernander

    Trevor Kiernander

    It wasn’t until he told me that I made the connection. I’m not sure whether I should tell you though. Whether it changes the experience of seeing too much. Knowing that many images are abstracted from photographs. From thumbnails of Tracey Emin taken from the BBC news website. From a photograph of his girlfriend, laughing…

  • The Island

    The Island

    I. He covers my eyes with a blindfold of elderberries and makes me promise not to peek. He thrusts a lead in my hand and, with a clicking noise out the side of his mouth, it rapidly becomes clear that we are sitting in something and that the something is moving. I peek between my…