The Learned Pig

Art – Thinking – Nature – Writing

Author: Rob Cullen

  • Mapping Edge

    Mapping Edge

      Mapping Edge   Finger touched mapped faded edge, unending ink black shaped lines, tracing hillsides I walked as a child. Black tufted strokes, old rough pastures, where curlews once rose away from me, ungrazed now, fallen into rush thistled bog. . The parish track, a dry stone wall field margin, a ridgeway in words,…

  • Cae’r Blaidd, or Field of the Wolf

    Cae’r Blaidd, or Field of the Wolf

      The last wolf died in this place but the hour of the wolf remains and the wolves call for us, call for you calling haunting us with their calling calling for us over and over again It is the time when we cross over as some people say of the passing away in the…